GSOC Week 8

Wrapping pyOpenMS

This week, I was able to generate R6 wrappers for pyopenms library using the pxd source files which are also currently being used by pyopenms. All the R6 wrappers are being generated in a single file (setting PY_NUM_MODULES as 1) and the code involving import of required R packages and helper functions is generated in a separate file.

The second file must be loaded before loading the wrappers to ensure that the python module object is not null and all necessary packages are also available. Along with some configuration and test files, we can use these files generated by autowrap to create a full fledged R package.

What’s currently missing ?

  • Appropriate R conversion providers are not present for all the special conversion providers (like OpenMSString) used by autowrap.
  • Manual Wrappers for addons folder.
  • Unit tests to verify the wrapping process.

That’s it for this week, going forward I would be translating the test cases provided by file.

A Big Thanks for Reading !!😁

Written on August 5, 2020